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Otzar HaHochma is the world's largest digital library,

containing more than 100,000 Judaic books, scanned page after page in their original format.

The compilation and scanning of the Jewish books began in Jerusalem sixteen years ago by Ohr HaHochma Ltd publishing house. The efforts of a first-rate team of Jewish studies scholars and premier IT-Professionals turned Otzar HaHochma into a world-renowned brand. Otzar HaHochma continuously expands its collection of ebooks and improves the unique software. G-d willing 5 ,000 new titles are added annually.

Otzar HaHochma is the most comprehensive Judaica site of Jewish and Israeli books. The books encompass all realms of Judaism from ancient times to the modern period. The highlight of Otzar HaHochma's software is its sophisticated search engine, based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with a very high precision rate, which allows maximum accessibility to the content of the Israeli books simply by typing a word or sequence of words.


BS"D 26 May 2019

Version 17.0 is currently being launched
- a gesture of goodwill and a valuable gift for the "Otzar" customers. A great many of you have accompanied us ever since Otzar HaChochma's very first version.
The fact that you upgrade your program annually makes you an active partner to an organization whose contribution to the Torah world is immeasurable.
In light of this, we have added approx. 10,000 new titles this year - double the amount of every other upgrade.
And yet, the price has remained unchanged - only $215 for an update!