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comparison chart Institutions

  Otzar HaHochma Hardware Otzar Online
    Concurrent user licenses School online version
Connection options local network IP range of institution local network
Access to the database with a USB port online online
Access with EZ-Proxy through instution's IP range
Downloading software
to your PC
Appropriate for single or multiple workstations on a network Especially suited to large institutions: universities, Jewish research institutes and departments of religious studies, colleges and other places of higher education. School computers connected to a local network
Library Scope      
Number of books 82,700 Judaic books 120,000 Judaic books 13,000 Judaic books
Limited Editions available
First user   $1,950 $395
Each additional
simultaneous user
  $1,285 $75
Periodic fee /
one-time payment
one-time payment annual fee annual fee
Updates Separate charge automatically automatically
Hyperlinks In the near future In the near future
Scan-to-text conversion
Effortlessly access commentaries on Shas and Torah Portions:
Adding personal notes (annotations) links and keys Notes only Notes only
Stored searches In the near future In the near future
Technical requirements      
Recommended browsers   Microsoft Internet Explorer 7.0+
Mozilla Firefox 2.0+
Google Chrome
PC requirements Pentium IV and up.
doesn't suit MACINTOSH computers
Suits MACINTOSH computers Suits MACINTOSH computers
Operating system Windows 2000, XP,
Vista, Windows 7, 8
Windows 2000, XP,
Vista, Windows 7, 8
Windows 2000, XP,
Vista, Windows 7, 8