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Otzar HaHochma and Meforshei HaOtzar free of charge In light of the current lockdown and the ongoing health crisis, we are opening the Otzar HaHochma ( ver. 18) : https://tablet.otzar.org/pages and Meforshei HaOtzar https://mefo.otzar.org websites to the public free of charge access will remain open through the duration of the lockdown

Order and Payment

For purchase of the hard disk version:

You can order online through our site or you can contact one of our sale's offices.
Your order will be sent directly to you within five working-days.

For orders via the office

For on-line ordering of the hard-disk.

For 'Otzar Online':

In order to purchase a user license to 'Otzar Online', please visit our online store.

The Online Store (credit card only).