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14/07: Great news for Mefarshei HaOtzar clients!! The first Mefarshei HaOtzar update is now on our website!! Apart from fixing several bugs, this update will add the following Masechtos to your program: Rosh-Hashana, Succah, Avodah Zara and Zevachim. It will also complete Maseches Eiruvin. Email notifications have been sent to our clients (take care that the message hasn’t reached your promotions folder by mistake). To download the update, click here. ******    From now on, in 'Otzar online', the first 150 pages of each book will be available for free, as well as the first 40 pages of the add-on packages, for purchasing subscription and printing vouchers click here

Comparison Chart for individuals

Access Otzar HaHochma Hardware Otzar Online
Access to the database With an external hard disk connected to a USB port Online (through the internet)
Appropriate for- Personal use on a specific PC
(installation required)
Personal use with access from any computer
(no installation required)
Download software to your PC no need
Library Scope    
Number of books 82,700 Judaic books 105,000 Judaic books
updated all the time!
Limited Editions available available
Periodic fee/ one-time payment one-time payment daily/weekly/monthly/annual fee
Network license available available
Updates Separate charge Automatically
Scan-to-text conversion
Effortlessly access commentaries on Shas, Shulchan Aruch and Torah Portions: Commentaries on
Shas,Shulchan Aruch and Torah Portions
Commentaries on
Shas and Torah Portions
Adding personal notes (annotations) links and keys Notes only
Stored searches
Technical requirements    
Recommended browsers   Microsoft Internet Explorer 6.0+
Mozilla Firefox 2.0+
Google Chrome
Internet connection and screen speed DSL or cable connection
screen resolution of 1024 by 768 px and 32-bit color
PC requirements Pentium IV and up
doesn't suit MACINTOSH computers
Pentium IV and up
suits MACINTOSH computers!
Operating system Windows 2000, XP,
Vista, Windows 7, 8