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16/02: Great news for Otzar HaHochma Customers!! We are delighted to inform you of a fifth Meforshei HaOtzar update. In honor of Purim, we have made an effort to push forward and complete Maseches Megillah in time for the chag. We have no doubt you will find learning Maseches Megillah this year an extraordinary experience! We have also finished working on Masechtos Beitza and Taánis. So, go ahead and update your program to enjoy…!

Order and Payment of the Hard disk version

Ohr HaHochma Ltd - Sales Department

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P.O.B 23609

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Multi-line Phone: ++ 972-2-5866078 ext. 0

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Email: otzar@otzar.biz

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Sun-Thur between 8:30-16:00 IST

If you wish to purchase the hard-disk version of Otzar Hahochma you can order through our site or you can contact one of our sale's offices.
Your order will be sent directly to you within ten working-days.

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