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Otzar HaHochma 22.0 Hard Disk

138,000 Judaic books at your fingertips!

A special present for Chattanim or Bar Mitzva.

Otzar HaHochma - The main portal to all Jewish books!


Description of the hardware:

The external small hard-disk connects to your PC with a USB port. The disk’s dimensions are 8*13*1.5cm (4.3 X 2.9 inches) and holds 4TERA = 4000GB.


Computer requirements:

Operating system – supports Windows 10 and 11.

Minimum requirements – Intel 3i / AMD 6th generation processor or higher


Minimum requirements – 4 GB memory.

We recommend 8 GB memory.

Disk space:-

5 giga free on the computer's internal disk.

For your attention - if your computer meets the minimum requirements you should know that the Otzar HaChochma will work slowly, especially if you have other programs open at the same time.

Network: It is possible to purchase a network license (minimum 5), fee according to number of stations.


The main Otzar HaHochma editions for the hard ware for the Hard Disk Version

Complete Otzar HaHochma – 117,147 books

The variety of topics in Otzar HaHochma includes all Jewish fields, including:

Bible and its Commentaries.

Tannaitic literature including Mishnah, Tosefta, Midrash Halakhah and Aggadah as well as their Commentaries.

Talmudic literature from both Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds and their Commentaries, as well as Geonic works.

Halakhah and Customs from the Rishonim and Acharonim, as well as Responsa Literature.

Jewish Philosophy from medieval times to the modern period.

Kabbalah and Hasidism including liturgical writings, sermons.

Modern scholarship in Jewish history, Hebrew linguistics, Jewish psychology, family studies, information science, etc.

Torah compilations, memorial volumes, prayer books, and much more.

Library edition – 117,147 books

The complete Otzar HaHochma version with all of Otzar HaHochma's software features without the free text search option (information retrieval).

Bnei Torah edition – 109,633 books

The complete Otzar HaHochma excluding 3,200 books with a world-outlook incompatible with the Hareidi sector.


Additional packages: (Supplementary to main editions)

The Seforim of Rav Ovadia Yosef ZT"L
- 74 books

The seforim of Rav Ovadia Yosef zt”l, including his well-known responsa: Yabia Omer, Yechave Daát, and Chazon Ovadia, as well as his books on halacha – Chazon Ovadia, Taharat Habayit, and Halichot Olam; his chiddushim on the Shas and the Rambam – Maor Yisroel, and other books of the Rav’s shiurim on Torah, Drush and Mussar. As per the copyright holders’ request, these seforim will be added to the Otzar as a package, however, printing sections from these books, or converting them to text, will not be permitted. P.S This package is only available in version 21

Mosad Harav Kook – 1,300 books (1,176 in Bnei Torah Edition)

Books from the important publisher – basic works in all Torah fields in precise and uptodate editions: Chidushei HaRitva, Rashba, Ran, Tosafot HaRosh, Mefarshei Hamikra Harishonim series, Torat Chaim series, Torah Umegilot, Tshuvot HaGeonim, Rishonim and Acharonim, Daat Mikra on Nach series, hagut and mussar, piyut and tefila, research and bibliography, history, Hebrew Linguistics and much more.

Machon Yerushalayim – 521 books

This unique package from a leading publisher of Jewish religious publications includes 521 books from Rishonim and Acharonim; for example: Otzar Mefarshei Hatalmud , Shulchan Arukh Hashalem, Sidrat Tshuvot Harishonim, Minchat Chinuch Hashalem, Noda Beyehuda Responsa, Sidrot Gedolei Ashkenaz, Hungary, Lithuania, Poland, Ohr Hamizrach and more.

Ahavat Shalom Publishers– 669 books

669 books of the Ahavat Shalom Publishers, including important books in all Torah branches most of which are first published from manuscripts. Also include famous and highly accurate editions of well known important books, for example: the Toraht Harishonim, Shas commentaries. the works of the Ari z”l , and more.

Kehot Publication Society
(Chabad library) - 8,647 books

An extensive collection of Chabad publications throughout the generations, including ancient and rare books, as well as most of the basic Chasidic sources, Torah files, tributes, history books, and albums. The collection was made possible through the generous assistance of Kehot Publication Society.

Machon Chochmat Shlomo - 139 books

Approximately 139 works from the greatest sages of all generations, prominently featuring the incredible collection from the overflowing fountain of wisdom of the Gaon Rabbeinu Shlomo Kluger from his manuscripts, his halachic responsa, his commentary on Shulchan Aruch, his novellae on Shas, 22 volumes on Torah, drashot for holidays and on the megillot; as well as the works of HaGaon HaRav Yosef Shaul Nathanzon, author of 'ומשיב שואל' on Torah and the holidays; the works of Rabbi Yaakov Orenstein, author of "יעקב ישועות" on Shas; the works of Maharam Chaviv’s halachic responsa and drashot, and many, many more. All the works are edited and layed out clearly and tastefully.

Talmudic Encyclopedia
from Yad HaRav Herzog - 56 volumes

56 volumes with complete coverage of all halachic concepts in the Oral Torah, from its earliest sources to the most recent commentaries. Its organization and explanation of all the shitot on every topic are second to none with its scope and accuracy. Based on the greatest Roshei Yeshivos and prodigious talmidei chachamim of the previous generation, including: HaGaon Rav S. Y. Zevin, HaGaon Rav A. Brodziansky, HaGaon Rav Y. Merzbach, HaGaon Rav A. Farbstein, HaGaon Rav Shmuelevitz, and others. Currently the encyclopedia covers until the middle of "ל", with more on the way.

Machon Ofek - about 69 books

About Machon Ofek

A collection of over 69 works from the times of the Geonim, Rishonim, and outstanding Acharonim, all of which are based on newly discovered manuscripts, accurately deciphered and edited in accordance with the highest Torah and critical standards. These works are accompanied by annotations, comprehensive commentaries, critical introductions and detailed indexes. Among them are: מפעל תורת כהנים ומפרשיו הגדולים, תשובות רב נטרונאי בר הילאי גאון, תשובות הגאונים החדשות, אוצר הגאונים החדש על מסכת בבא מציעא, סידרת חיבורי ראשונים על מסכתות ה תלמוד: תוספות י"ר הזקן ותלמידו על מסכת שבת יד, על רמה מסכתות גיטין וקידושין, שיטה מקובצת על מסכת חולין, תוספות על ש“הרא וחגיגה פסחים מסכתות, etc., as well as works on Tanach from our greatest Rishonim, such as Rashi and Rabbenu Tam, and many other specialized works on various subjects. This package also includes Ofeq's outstanding facsimile edition of Rambam’s Mishneh Torah—Mada v’Ahava, Oxford's high-prized manuscript Huntington 80, famously known as “the authorized version,” with a scholarly introduction of book-length, and appendices: holographs of Rambam, and incunabulum of Mishneh Torah.

Oz VeHadar - 710 books (Presently not available for purchase.)

710 volumes, including 135 volumes of “Mesivta” – a broad and comprehensive explanation on Shas, with a collection of page-bypage commentaries by Rishonim and Acharonim, gidrei ha-dayyanim for each tractate, a collection of studies, explanations by Rashi and Tosafot, and more. The package also includes: A new printing of the Vilna Shas in the newest and most expanded edition, a new printing of the Jerusalem Talmud, Mishna B'rura Mevo’ar, Mikra’ot Gedolot Mevo’ar, and other sifrei yesod in a new annotated and elegant publication.

Zichron Aharon - 227 books

In recent years, Zichron Aharon has put out volumes of Halacha, Midreshei Halacha and Aggada, Rishonim and Acharonim, Shittos on the Shas, Sifrei Drush and Kabbalah, and the most widely acclaimed Sifrei Shut of the greatest Acharonim. These books were published with excellent layouts and clear typesetting, granting the reader the best possible study experience. Many books which were previously challenging to browse through; in which it was a daunting task to look up references, are now easily accessible, beautifully presented with engaging layouts, and with search options that have never been more user-friendly.



Otzar HaHochma continuously expands her library. Our vision is to encompass all Judaic books available. Furthermore, our IT professionals refine the program and our search engine all the time. The hard-ware contains the purchased editions; updates need to be purchased separately.


User License

The use of Otzar HaHochma's hard ware version is permitted according to the user license. In order to view the entire user license, Click here.

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