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Otzar Online


Description of the online version

Otzar HaHochma is proud to announce the launch of 'Otzar Online'!

Direct access at https://www.otzar.org/wotzar/otzar.aspx.

or at www.otzar.org. Click the button

Free trial

Visit Otzar Online as a guest: click here.

You will be able to view first 40 pages of each book.


The variety of topics in Otzar HaHochma embraces all Jewish fields, including:

Bible and its Commentaries.

Tannaitic literature including Mishnah, Tosefta, Midrash Halakhah and Aggadah as well as their Commentaries.

Talmudic literature from both Babylonian and Jerusalem Talmuds and their Commentaries, as well as Geonic works.

Halakhah and Customs from the Rishonim and Acharonim, as well as Responsa Literature.

Jewish Philosophy from medieval times to the modern period.

Kabbalah and Hasidism including liturgical writings, sermons.

Modern scholarship in Jewish history, Hebrew linguistics, Jewish psychology, family studies, information science, etc.

Torah compilations, memorial volumes, prayer books, and much more.

User license to Otzar Online for institutions include the entire collection of 138,000 Jewish books or the smaller edition (school edition).


Otzar HaHochma is continuously expanding its library. Our vision is to encompass the maximum number of Judaic books available. Furthermore, our IT professionals are constantly refining the program and its search engine. The online versions are updated automatically.


Technical requirements for Otzar Online

Otzar Online can be used by both Windows and Macintosh users with an internet browser. Otzar Online is best experienced with a fast internet connection and modern browser with a minimum screen resolution of 1024 by 768 pixels and 32-bit color.

We recommend using one of the following browsers:

All of these browsers have free updates available online.

Please be sure to have JavaScript enabled in your browser. Your operating system must have Hebrew fonts installed to be able to view the Hebrew text on the site.

Users with a dial-up connection may find that loading times for books are very slow. Any speed DSL or cable connection is sufficient for optimum performance.


Terms of Use

The use of Otzar HaHochma's Online versions are permitted according to the user license. In order to view the entire user license, Click here.


Purchase options

There are several online versions available. To verify that the option chosen answers to the institution's needs and for inquiries regarding specific institutional needs, contact Ruth Shimon, [email protected].


Pricelist (Last Updated January 8th, 2018)

The fee is on an annual basis.

Concurrent User Licenses- Access from any computer through the internet
Package  Number of Books Annual Fee
for the first simultaneous user
Annual Fee
for additional simultaneous users
Complete Otzar HaHochma
Includes Chabad library
104,000 $1,960 $1,288
Oz VeHadar Publishers 700 $180 $114
Mosad Harav Kook 1,101 $120 $76
Machon Yerushalayim 520 $60 $38
Ahavat Shalom Publishers 510 $60 $38
Machon Ofek 59 $60 $38
Hochmat Shlomo 134 $30 $19
Zichron Aharon 150 $60 $38

School licensing- Local network
Number of Books Annual Fee
for the first simultaneous user
Annual Fee
for additional simultaneous users
13,000 $440 $90

*The prices are in U.S. Dollar. When purchased in Israel, the fee includes taxes (V.A.T).



Order and Payment

Please contact Erez Sela, Sales for institutions, ++972-2-5866078 ext 0, [email protected], Sun-Thur between 9:00-14:00 IST.

Customers from locations abroad should email us with their contact information and we will be happy to provide you with assistance.