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Otzar HaHochma is the world's largest digital library,

containing more than 62,434 Judaic books, scanned page after page in their original format.

The compilation and scanning of the Jewish books began in Jerusalem eight years ago by Ohr HaHochma Ltd publishing house. The efforts of a first-rate team of Jewish studies scholars and premier IT-Professionals turned Otzar HaHochma into a world-renowned brand. Otzar HaHochma continuously expands its collection of ebooks and improves the unique software. G-d willing 5 ,000 new titles are added annually.

Otzar HaHochma is the most comprehensive Judaica site of Jewish and Israeli books. The books encompass all realms of Judaism from ancient times to the modern period. The highlight of Otzar HaHochma's software is its sophisticated search engine, based on Optical Character Recognition (OCR) with a very high precision rate, which allows maximum accessibility to the content of the Israeli books simply by typing a word or sequence of words.


כ"ז שבט 28/1/12

בסיעתא דשמיא

Dear customers! As in previous years we will be coming this year as well to London in order to enable you to update your Otzar. our representative will visit the UK between February 3-10 2014 to install upgrades. He will be staying at the Holiday Inn Hotel, 58 Regent park Rd. Golders Green London N3 3JN Tel:208-3716060 (ask for mr. Sela) or in mobile: 07804419687 (only for this time). * While in London, our representative will also offer the Otzar HaHochma program for sale at a discount of 30% off the list price.

כ"א שבט, תשע"ד 22/01/14

בסיעתא דשמיא

NEW! You can now purchase the Otzar Hahochma on hard disk via our online store. Payment is by credit card with up to 24 payments. To purchase please click here

י"א כסלו, תשע"ד 14/11/13

בסיעתא דשמיא

We are pleased to announce to the Otzar HaHochma user community that the Otzar Hard Disk version 12.0 is due to be released sometime around Chanuka, be’ezrat Hashem. This version is outstanding in its incredible enhancements and upgrades to the program. Additionally, we have added another 4,900 new books to the library. We have already heard from someone that “this is the best update that has ever happened to Otzar HaHochma”. We are excited to present the list of books to you.

April 15, 2013 ד' אייר תשע"ג

בסיעתא דשמיא

Version 11 offers the advanced ability to add personal books in PDF format to the Otzar HaHochma library. As with other freeware programs, this program does not include telephone support. We have opened a special email address for problems encountered while using this program pdf2otzar@gmail.com . Questions and problems can be sent here and the developement team will try to answer to the best of their ability, but without any obligation. Inquiries may also be sent by fax to 02-5712713 for the attention of PDF support. We are happy to announce that Version 11.0 of Otzar HaHochma will become available in the US in Canada in approximately two weeks. In the coming days, an official notification will be sent to all our clients. In addition to an impressive array of new titles and a wide range of new functionalities offered in this version, following numerous client requests, we have improved the opening and browsing speed. We are very grateful to be able to offer you the new and improved version of Otzar HaHochma and hope that you will find it more useful than ever. -->

23/09/2012 ז' בתשרי תשע"ג

בסיעתא דשמיא

Dear Customers! We are happy to announce that from now on you can download program corrections for version 11 from the Otzar Hahochma site to your hard disk. From time to time when we have improvements to the software or corrections to bugs that have been discovered you can receive them directly from our site by clicking on the "Program updates" button.