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It’s out! Otzar HaHochmas’s Version 19.0 update is now available! This update brings you a new, user-friendly, visually stunning interface! For the customers letter, press here.

Order and Payment of the Hard disk version (Version 19.0) - Credit card payment

You can choose one of the two main versions of Otzar Hahochma and add on to them the extra packages should you so wish.

VIP Special!!!

With the purchase of a Bnei Torah/General version of Otzar HaHochma

1. Get your Vs.20.0 Update – at no extra charge.
2. Get the Chabad Seforim Bundle – at no extra charge.
3. Get an instant 45$ Discount with the purchase of one additional seforim bundle.
4. Get Priority Client Service

Now’s the best time to get your Otzar HaHochma Hard Drive!

Main Otzar HaHochma editions
General Otzar HaHochma 101,500 books $ 2,250
Bnei Torah edition 95,400 books $ 2,000
Meforshei HaOtzar available along with Otzar Hachochma purchasing only. $ 525
Meforshei HaOtzar Addition for existing customers click here
Additional packages: (Supplementary to main editions)
Oz VeHadar 710 books $ 530
Mosad Harav Kook 1,140 books (839 in Bnei Torah Edition) $ 407
Machon Yerushalayim 515 books $ 310
Ahavat Shalom Publishers 613 books $ 245
Machon Chochmat Shlomo 139 books $ 110
Machon Ofek
About Machon Ofek
68 books $ 185
Talmudic Encyclopedia Add-on from Yad HaRav Herzog 52 books $ 120
Kehot Publication Society (Chabad library) 7,520 books $ 100
Zichron Aharon 150 books $ 175

Current chosen product:

General Otzar HaHochma
Additional packages: Chabad library (free)

Current price: $2,250

Please fill in the form in order to purchase via credit card.

Write in full postal details for delivery

Please note - For technical reasons payment plan options are available for holders of Israeli credit card purchases.
Non-Israeli credit cards can be charged in only one full payment.